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Biggest purchase regrets… – Self-Care Is The New Healthcare

Saturday before school starts, daddy takes boys to get haircut.  JcPenny was having a special “back to school haircuts”.  The good news was that the hair turned out great! Yeah 🙂   As they were leaving, Karson sees Cars!!  Daddy quickly got the boys away from the toy section.  Karson screamed as they left with the disappointment of not getting the amazing collection of Cars and the “Big Mac”.

A little over a week later…. Karson is sick.  Daddy says you can stay home with mommy and have a special day!  Of course, Karson remembers – JcPenny and his great find of the most amazing Cars – Big Mac!!  Daddy (probably not really listening) tells him yes Mommy and you will have a special day.   In Karson’s mind this translates to getting his “Big Mac”.

Mommy and Karson head to JcPenny for their special day.  I knew what he wanted!  I had no idea how much this toy would cost!!!  Karson was so excited — “daddy said I could get it mommy”… what was I to do?!?

We are now the owners of the “Big Mac”  $80 bucks..later…


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