Welcome to PHWTECh Blog!  Jay and Racquel are passionate about healthcare most importantly YOUR self-care! Jay is an RN with over 25 years of experience in critical care.  Because of all the patients he has seen over the years, he become very passionate about  “self-care”. Racquel is a Certified Nutrition and Wellness Consultant and began her journey into studying nutrition after having 3 gestational pregnancies, getting completely conflicting recommendations each time. Being told she would have diabetes type II within 10 years from the first diagnosis, she decided to do some research and learning herself during her last pregnancy.  It has now been almost 15 years and she does not have diabetes type II.

Jay and Racquel met each other after the loss of their spouses. After being married for 3 years and having 2 amazing boys, they found themselves struggling to get through the day.  This is when they decided they needed to find a way to improve their health.  Making some changes in their own lives through diet choices and adding supplements the improved their health drastically.  They both still struggled with losing weight.  After being  introduced to a wearable device, they both believe it will completely change this!  Being able to tangibly see their bio-parameters and not just when they go to the doctor once a year or when you are sick they feel will change their journey to lose weight.

Both being caregivers to their loved ones for many years with terminal diseases and managing their loved one’s care without any continuity of care was extremely frustrating.  When they found a way to change this for the masses they have dedicated their time and focus on changing and educating the masses on being proactive in your own healthcare.

Follow their blog to follow their journey!  Do you have passion about healthcare?  Do you want to see a change in how people are caring for themselves?  If so, they would love to talk with you! Fill out the contact form below.

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