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The Need For Goals!

September 13, 2017

“Would you get into a taxi and tell the cabby, ‘Driver anywhere.’? Would you wander onto the first plane you saw at the gate without bothering to ask where it is flying?  Of course not. Yet it’s amazing how unfocused we can be about the biggest asset we have – our lives.  Goals shouldn’t be… Read More ›

Take the Word “Try” Out of Your Vocabulary

HOW MANY TIMES HAVE YOU HEARD YOURSELF? How many times have you heard yourself or other people make the following statement? I’ll try… I’ll bet you’ve heard it a lot. Well, what’s wrong with that? After all, from an early age you’ve been told. “Whatever you do always try hard. The act of trying may… Read More ›

Being A Pioneer

Being A Pioneer What exactly does it mean? Let’s start with a definition –   A new adventure has begun. My husband, Jay and I have started a new business together. We want to bring awareness of being proactive in your own health to as many people as we can. We both have watched loved… Read More ›

Motivation – Self-Care Is The New Healthcare

I listened to a training this week for work.  I absolutely LOVE these wise words! Change Your Inner Snooze Button We all have an inner snooze button. For most people it’s usually the first decision we make every single day when we get up in the morning. We hit snooze and lie in bed just a bit… Read More ›

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