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The Need For Goals!

“Would you get into a taxi and tell the cabby, ‘Driver anywhere.’?
Would you wander onto the first plane you saw at the gate without bothering to ask where it is flying?  Of course not. Yet it’s amazing how unfocused we can be about the biggest asset we have – our lives.  Goals shouldn’t be blurry, half-baked or fuzzy. Living a deliberate life requires being focused because today you’re living out the choices you are making today.

The more precise, exact, streamlined and specific you are about where you are going, the more powerful your life will be. it’s like painting by numbers in reverse.
First comes the big picture, then the bits that make the big picture complete.”
The above are the words of Deborah Shaw and it is as true today as years ago that it was said. Why someone will live his/her without any plan is a mystery that one can hardly decipher. We have always heard that those who fail to plan, are setting themselves up for failure but the issue is that majority of people living think we need not plan or set goals for our lives. They tend to believe that life should be lived anyway it comes.
If you happen to be in this position, you need to wake up from this delusion. Life is just like a computer, it is what you feed into it that you get as the output. A life without plan is destined for doom and misery. If you don’t want your life to fit into this category, then NOW is the time to have a goal for your life.

The greatest thing in this world is not so much where we are, but in what direction we are heading. Can you state clearly the direction you are heading this year? Do you know where you are heading in life? In case you are not sure, it is never too late to start planning. If you wish to be useful or happy in life, then you need to have a goal you are pursuing because a man/woman without a definite aim in life can neither be useful nor happy.

Let me end with this quote and I hope you will ponder on it: “More men fail through lack of purpose than through lack of talent.” – W. A. Billy Sunday.



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Take the Word “Try” Out of Your Vocabulary


How many times have you heard yourself or other people make the following statement?
I’ll try…
I’ll bet you’ve heard it a lot.
Well, what’s wrong with that? After all, from an early age you’ve been told. “Whatever you do always try hard.
The act of trying may actually be counterproductive. Trying is not doing.
What price do you pay in your business and in your life for trying rather than doing?
The following exercise should clarify this abstract concept.
Ready? Place your pen or pencil on the table or desk in front of you. Now try to pick it up.
Did you pick up your writing utensil?
If you did, I have one thing to say, You didn’t follow the instructions.
You weren’t asked to pick up your pen or pencil you were asked to TRY and pick it up.
Trying will rarely produce your desired result.
How often have you said to yourself or others “I really want to accomplish my short and/or long term goals?” How many times have you followed that statement with, “and this time I’m really going to try?”
You can probably remember a project, a task, or even a New Year’s resolution that was left incomplete, about which you can sincerely say, Well, I tried..
You had every intention to complete the task. You remember trying to accomplish what you’d intended. You remember the task being left unfinished.
Trying dilutes intention.

The more you want to or try to accomplish a task, the more challenging the completion of that task becomes.
In Episode V of the Star Wars saga there is line of dialogue delivered by the character of the Jedi mentor, Yoda. Yoda gives a set of instructions to his pupil, Luke Skywalker.
Luke responds to Yoda’s instructions with the words, I’lll try.
Yoda counters quietly, and with conviction. He says, Try not. Do, or do not. There is no try.
I urge you to adopt this cinematic saying. Keep it close to you at all times. Make it a part of your daily action plan. Write it out. Paste it on the wall.
We all want to do the right things. We all try to do the right things. However, the mindsets of wanting and trying come with a cost.
That cost is best summed up in this excerpt from the first in a series of books entitled Conversations with God by Neale Donald Walsch. Walsch’s literary depiction of God shares these words, You can not have that for which you ask. Nor can you have anything you want. The very request is a statement of lack and your saying you want produces only want in your reality.
Here’s your success tip. Remove statements that include the words “I’ll try” and “I want” from your personal vocabulary.
Those who follow my work know about the Secret Language of Success. This secret language does not include the statement I’ll try. Focus on action oriented statements like, I’ll do the task or I’ll complete the task.
The next time you hear someone say, I’ll try to do the task rather than, I’ll do the task make sure you ask them to clarify their plan.
Ask them to spell out clearly the steps that will result in a completed project.
Review the time frame. Discuss openly the consequences of leaving the task unfinished. You can demonstrate your support by simply asking, What support do you need to complete the task?
Here’s an exercise designed to build up the muscle of ìdoing.
Over a two week period keep a simple journal in which you log the frequency of the phrase I’ll try in your environment. If your’e the source of the comment, ask yourself What specific action can I take, right away, to move the project along?
If someone else is the source of the statement you can ask, What might stop you from completing the task? Bring it out in the open so it can be handled. Bring it out in the open before the frustration sets in.
If you choose to take on this homework assignment remember to say to yourself, I’ll do this assignment rather than, I’ll try to do this assignment.
Make this shift in your communications style and watch more tasks and projects get completed.
As simple as it may seem, this shift in language really makes a difference.
To your success.

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Being A Pioneer

ScreenshotBeing A Pioneer

What exactly does it mean?

Let’s start with a definition –



A new adventure has begun. My husband, Jay and I have started a new business together. We want to bring awareness of being proactive in your own health to as many people as we can. We both have watched loved ones go through the medical system while suffering diseases. As caregivers we saw first hand how different doctors treated things with so many different approaches.


When we were introduced to the Helo we both new our next journey in life.

It isn’t always easy to be the first to do things, but the reward is always more than we can imagine. As we embrace this huge task of building our empire and legacy, please know we do this for the cause of bringing self-care into healthcare. Pioneering our way to success!

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Motivation – Self-Care Is The New Healthcare

I listened to a training this week for work.  I absolutely LOVE these wise words!


Change Your Inner Snooze Button

We all have an inner snooze button. For most people it’s usually the first decision we make every single day when we get up in the morning. We hit snooze and lie in bed just a bit longer because we don’t feel like getting out of bed yet.

Are you hitting the “snooze button” in your business?

  • “I have a great contact I should get a hold of them. SNOOZE. Maybe I’ll contact them later as they’re probably busy or they probably won’t be interested in it.”

Your BRAIN has an inner “snooze button” designed to protect you from taking RISK. Stop staying in your your comfort zone and being on Auto-Pilot every day. The fact is when you decide to do something that is out of your normal routine your brain puts on the emergency brake and then your brain starts talking you out of it and puts your right back on auto-pilot. You need to force yourself out of your HEAD and take ACTION!

Here’s a FACT:

Anything you are going to do to change your habit, you are…



Stop waiting till you feel like, till you think it’s the right moment, and just get on and DO IT! You need to have COURAGE – the ability to do something that is difficult or scary.


Change your habit by trying this:

Tomorrow morning, set your alarm 30 mins earlier than you normally do. When the alarm goes off, don’t hit the snooze button. Throw back the covers, stand up and start your day RIGHT AWAY! When you do this you will become face to face with the physical force that is required to change your habits! Don’t wait till you feel like it, start feeling this ACTION and physical force right away so you can apply it to your business. This is the Activation Energy.

5 Seconds To Change Your Life

You have 5 seconds to determine which way your brain is going to go; before the emergency brake is pulled and you start to hesitate, have self doubt, and overthink things. The 5 Second Rule allows you to develop good habits.

What is the 5 Second Rule?
Countdown 5 – 4 – 3 – 2 – 1 – TAKE ACTION.

How Does It Work?

  1. This tool is the simplest form/way that causes you to take ACTION.
  2. Beats the brain from pulling the emergency brake. It stops your brain from going into auto-pilot of talking yourself out of doing the new habit and moves the idea into the area of the brain where it will cause you to take action
  3. Locus of Control – it puts you IN CONTROL of your destiny and you will begin to develop a bias towards ACTION instead of a bias towards over thinking.
  4. It helps you create NEW HABITS and eventually those HABITS will become your autopilot. The more you do GOOD HABITS the more the BAD HABITS disappear. Think of the NIKE slogan – JUST DO IT!