Self-Care Is The New Healthcare

Self Care

What is Self Care?  Let me share a story with you.  I was on  a plane with my baby.  She was 1 years old at the time.  The flight attendant was giving instructions on the little, yellow oxygen masks.  She said, for those of you with children or helping someone else, put the mask on yourself first.  Then, she explained that you can’t take care of anyone else if you don’t take care of yourself.  This hit me like a ton of bricks!  I always viewed that you take care of yourself first as being selfish.  I spent so many years focusing on my husband and children that I forgot to put any time into me.

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This started a change!  I went home from that trip, set some goals, and began implementing them.  I started cooking healthy, exercising everyday for 30 min, and going to bed at 10 pm every night.  After several months of doing this I lost a lot of weight, felt better, and was a better mother and wife.

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I needed to remember this today!!  I have found that over the past few years I have once again focused on everyone else and let myself go, again.  I need to get back on track.  I need to set goals and refocus.  I am writing this blog for many reasons.

  • Journaling
  • Writing goals
  • Helping others
  • Motivation
  • Focus
  • Stress Relief
  • Making new friends!

Please comment below with suggestions you would like me to post about.  I would love to learn new things and share what I learn with you.


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