Tracking Your Health!

Tracking Health! The benefits of tracking your health with these tools below has helped me stay on track and focused on my healthcare. Watch the videos below and see how these tools can benefit YOU!! If you are interested in trying the Lifelog Health to see for yourself how this program could benefit you, click on the FREE 7 Day Trial! I would love to help you get healthier. Knowledge is Power in my opinion. The more you know about your own health the more you can fix the problem areas. Healthcare costs are effecting us all! Medical costs keep going up… one way we can control this is through our own health.

I am wanting to help as many people as I can and ban together with has many health and fitness coaches and get America healthy again. First step is to admit there is a problem. Are you ready to work on your health?

If you are make healthy food and fitness choices currently, please contact me so we can help others!! So many people are suffering everyday and honestly, they don’t have to be suffering like they are! A lot of it is by choices because of lack of knowledge. Let’s help our friends and family and as many as we can!

Health and fitness coaches!! Check out these amazing tools – tracking health or your clients health may benefit yourself and your business!  The first one is a wearable device, the Helo!  Watch the 2 min video.  I was blown away.  The second video is the software platform that has so many options for us as health and fitness coaches to use in our business.

As a Certified Nutrition and Wellness Consultant I find these tools a great benefit to my business.  My clients having the ability to see their goals and seeing the progress helps them to stay on course.  You as the health or fitness coach can customize your clients nutrition, exercise, add recipes and meal plans. Watch the video posted below to see how this software platform can benefit your business.  You can also recommend your supplements within this platform as well.

Want more info? More Info on wearable device

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